Girls, Did I do something wrong or is she just being a crazy woman?

Ok so me and this girl have known eachother for a few years. We would casually chat off and on. One day we started talking more and more and then we got very sexual and exchanged pics and all that fun stuff. We started hanging out and then we had sex on the second day we hung out. It was great. She would cuddle me and. Kiss me and it was good. Truth is she has a kid and I'm not ready to date a woman with a kid. I really like her though. She would text me and act all clingy and what not. Then one day we spent the night together and we had fun and went for breakfast and then continued hanging not out. Then I barely hear from her and she texts less and less. She does have her kid now but it's just weird. Then one day she sent me 2 texts and then 5 messages on Facebook and I didn't reply as I was making breakfast. She got all upset because she saw me online and said she's not a chaser and she will take the hint. I reassured her I was just busy making breakfast. It took me only 30 minutes to reply. Then we were texting and then I asked her when we were gonna hangout again and then suddenly she went silent. So the next day I said "look who's ignoring who now" still got nothing. Then I had a few beers with some friends and sent her a message complaining that she has no right getting upset at me for taking 30 minutes but then she will take 2 days. She got all upset at me and said "wow I didn't think you were like this" told me to take care and I've haven't heard from her in 3 days. She ignores my texts. She was all over me being all close and kissing me and constantly asking me if I mentioned her to my friends and blah blah. It's confusing as hell how now she wants nothing to do with me. Is it because she senses I don't want to be serious with her because of her kid, is she really that pissed off at me, or is she just playing games? Please help. This is the most confusing situation I've been in
I forgot to mention we agreed on friends with benefits multiple times however if she didn't have a kid I'd probably want more


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  • Sounds like an overreaction gone out of hand. Though are you serious about dating her? Previously on in the question you said you weren't ready to date her because she has a child, so it's a bit confusing.

    • No I thought we were friends with benefits. That's what we agreed on multiple times

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    • Ya I think your right. I've told her the ball is in her court and that all she has to do is be honest with me. She obviously had more feelings for me than I do for her and she projects that on to me by accusing me of having feelings for her. You are right

    • Now we are hanging out again and she said she was scared and she saw on Facebook that I had a great weekend so she got curious and asked me if I was seeing someone else. I said no but I could if I wanted and she said neither was she but she could also. Then I get a screenshot and in the background d I see a message to another guy that appears to a dirty text. What's the deal now

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