Should I trust him?

I'm just wondering if the guy im dating is telling me the truth.
My boyfriend and I have been together for a month, so not a along time (we are both 17 btw) he and I started talking after my ex and I broke up (my ex is really good friends with my new boyfriend, we actually met through my ex) I knew he had a reputation as a "fuck boy" before I started talking to him, he even told me himself that he used to be a slut, but he wants to be with me so he's cool with giving that up. His friend also told me that he said that he actually likes me and doesn't wanna play with me, but today other friends started telling me that he is a fuck boy and plays with girls but when I asked if I should break up with him then, they both said no that I should stay with him. I don't know I'm just confused I guess, I really don't wanna get hurt bad or be embarrassed.. so i guess I would like to know what other people think (my boyfriend and I have the same friends, so I don't have anyone very impartial to give me their opinion).
I feel like i can trust him because I was cool with just a friends with benefits situation, but he chose to take me out and ask my to be his girlfriend anyway, but then again I get told today "he's a fuck boy" so then I start doubting.
Thank you so much to anyone who took the time to read this and leaves their opinion about this :)


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  • There's really no way to tell. Give it time I guess and don't get used. Good luck. Remember most guys are assholes at our age


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  • Yes. The fact that he asks you to be his girlfriend made you feel uncomfortable or doubting because you are not in that place. I think you should tell him to take it slow and reassess his personality as the time goes by.


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