2nd date this weekend, what is she thinking?

Last week I had a first date with a girl that I hardly knew. Went ok, no awkward silences or anything. Only physical contact was a couple hugs, and at the end of the date she kind of left quickly, making me think she was avoiding a kiss. She did seem a bit shy though, so maybe it was just nerves.

I called her today to see about a second date. She agreed and I brought up indoor rock climbing since we are both into it. She told me that I didn't have to drive out to see her (the place is near her and she's an hour away) and that she'd be fine coming closer to me.

This seems kind of strange to me. She lives with her parents, but I have my own apartment. Is she hoping that I invite her back to my place after so we can fool around? That was my plan for the 3rd date, I was hoping to build some more interest on the 2nd and actually kiss her first before I went for more.

Does anyone have any insight? I told her I'd give her a call tomorrow to work out the specifics. I can offer to cook dinner or something for her to get her over. I'm just afraid of pushing things too far to soon and scaring her away.

Any and all advice is appreciated, thanks!


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  • It was probably a red flag when she avoiding your kiss on the 1st date given you've probably done everything right. Like you said she's shy, probably having the intention of no sex before marriage too. That will be great if she asks to come back to your own place, but it's rare therefore you should gauge her interest more.


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  • Honestly it just sounds like she didn't want to have to make you come out all that way to see her, and felt like coming to you. I wouldn't read to much into it to be honest. I mean honestly if you wanted to see if she wanted to come over you could just float the cooking her dinner at home idea, and she how she reacts to it, like give her a choice between that and eating out.


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