How can I settle down & not RUIN things with this guy? I'm so used to moving fast in relationships & I finally met a good guy who doesn't.. Help?

Soo I'm 22. I met this guy at my school. He's really awesome. The only thing, he's taking things very slow. I think it's mostly because he doesn't have experience with women much at all. Through getting to know him & stalking his Facebook, I don't think he's hardly had a girlfriend. And he's kinda a little guy.. I don't know I just feel so much attraction to him. And he mirrors me.

the thing is.. All my previous love interests started so strong and moved so fast. I'm used to bad boys who just go in for the kill I guess. Like after date 2 we would be steady and they'd be all over me. This guy... I can tell he values and likes me. I just know it.. But so far we are "friends" even though I know we both like each other. And it's going really slow and I'm so ansy and I misunderstand his actions because I'm used to over confident guys who move fast... I don't want to mess things up.. I don't want to come on too strong. Should I not tell him I'm interested in him until I know him for at least a month? Should we have hung out a few times? I don't know how to go about this. I don't want to scare him off or make a mistake. :S how can I just let it unfold naturally?


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  • Actions always speak louder than words... If your senses tell you that you need to take a bit of time with him, take the time.
    You can show him your interest by being present in his life... And you can make a comment here and there about how much you like him. Guys like this are going to be more committed to you... As long as you're giving him the attention and spending time with him, he's not going to stray too far to quick he's going to invest his focus into you.
    Play up to his virginal senses... And after a month or two once you are kissing, making out... You may be the one to have to initiate it further, but at that point he's not going to mind.


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  • Maybe you should tell him or maybe you should challenge yourself to wait! LOL just wait and be patient with the guy.


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  • He is probably nervous and trying not to mess up. Especially if he has little to no experience with women. You may have to make the first move if you want to get things going. Or find a fun way to get the first kiss out of the way (that's where I usually have a hard time) like intentionally loosing a bet where the prize is a kiss. I guarantee you he wants to move things along but just doesn't know how or when.

  • You should ask him out indirectly if you felt too bold for the kill. Guys who are clueless are just typical nice guys,


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