Girls, why do girls act violent when you cheat on them?

Why do they resort to violence or yelling when cheated on? Can't they talk it out? And what's with the cutting off your D**k?


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  • Well.
    1. Why would you be with someone that you would potentially cheat on?
    2. Wouldn't you feel upset if your significant other cheated on you?
    3.. How would you take it?

    Girls, by nature are emotional creatures. And, we feel betrayed, and just plain hurt that someone would choose to cheat on them, rather than tell them whats going on and that their significant other would rather be single, or with someone else. They would appreciate the dignity in being broken up with, over the dignity of having someone cheat on them.

    We get violent because it is very unnecessary.

    Point blank... we feel like we didn't mean anything to the person that cheated on us. thats why we are violent.


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  • Well the castration thing is... quite rare... and evidence of other mental health issues.

    • even stable ones can be like this

    • well, they're probably upset about the loss of trust and the end of what might have been a good relationship up til that point. i can understand yelling about it, but getting violent is uncalled for.

  • I'm not for violence. But what's to talk about? you cheated. It's aggravating for someone to give effort and then find out that their partner just doesn't care. I'm not really a yeller but i can see why we yell when we are cheated on. Usually when people are mad they yell.


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