Why are people giving me and a black co-worker for being romantically involved?

I met and started seeing a black girl from work. My friends and brother (who are white) kept asking me if I was with my N (girl) if I was busy if I was spending time with her.
her mom liked me because I was a good guy but her brothers and uncles even guy friends would give he shit and give me bad looks.
she would say that black guys were telling her she must not be getting it from the right guy if she had to be with a white guy and just general rude sexual comments.
I'm pretty conservative guy and I work and met her because I work in the "black" part of town. Like a block from MLK boulevard. Is there something threatening about a white guy dating a black girl to the black community I don't get it. Also why are my childhood friends giving me shit for being with a black woman?


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  • Yeah, there's going to be ignorance from both sides. If you're going to date inter-racially you're going to have to learn to deal with it. Sad, but true.


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