Dating a guy six weeks and I think he is slowly losing interest?

Have been dating this guy for six weeks. The first four weeks have been great. He texted all the time, we went on different sorts of dates together in which he always paid. There were multiple sleepovers invovled and even steady contact when were both out of town at different times.

Two weeks ago I swear a switch flipped. He barely initated text conversations so I for once did since I never have and he is always very responsive and enthusiastic in his texts but does not really pursue a conversation like he used to. I then prompted seeing him this past weekend in which he planned the day, but in which I confirmed day of at 5pm. We actually had a great time, same as always. This was Saturday. He has no intiated one text since then. I texted Monday about something crazy that happened near his office and then tonight bc I was actually doing this charity thing by his office and he has been staying late studying for a big test he has in a week and a half- he said he was "in the zone". I said I understand its crunch time you're going to do great we can do something fun when its all over. He said " sounds good look forward to it." super super vauge non-commital answer it seems.

To mention, this guy works a coprate job, a weekend job and has a huge, huge certification test in a week and a half so I understand he is a bit over-extended but I sort of think he's lost interest in me and I need to probably just let this fade out? Thoughts?

I was thinking if I don't hear anything from him I should at least wish him luck on his test in 10 days. thgouths? Or should i just leave his life?


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  • It seems like he has been initiating the texts for all 4 weeks and feeling tired of he's the one doing all the pursuing. You should do your ''part'' to if you geniunely like him.

    • The past two weeks I have initiated probably 80% of the conversations and a date! I reached out tonight and got an "im in the zone." Which is very fair I understand the immense amount of pressure he is under. But I just feel like if he had an interest in me but knew the next two weeks he was going to be sort of MIA he would voice that to me instead of leaving me wondering if he is into this.

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    • yes. he seems under pressure. and not communicating properly by just giving the ''im in the zone''. You should leave him alone and continue date other guys. When he has settled his work, and financial stuffs he will eventually come back if he still has some sort of interest.

    • I mean ya the text banter was more than just like one word answers. He was asking questions about what sort of charity thing I was doing and stuff. but it was still like you know only a 20 minute back and forth. Just hate waiting on like something that may never happen. but you're right date others!

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