What is a guy who called 11 times thinking?

I met this man like one month ago. He kept calling me everyday, but our conversations were brief and he almost always hang up to call me again. Also, he could never set a time for a date, which means he is too busy to date. Our first 'date' was a walk on the sea side for 1 hour or so, and I couldn't really feel any harmony between us. And he was weird: he didn't focus on me or on one topic- as if he is in a hurry. After the date his daily calls disappeared- he only texted a hi after 2 days. I initiated contact on the third day but he barely said hi. After 5 days now he is calling me like crazy. I don't want to talk to him or date him. Do have to explain it or his calls will stop?


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  • If there is no spark between you two than you could ignore him but there may be a chance that he may not take the hint.
    You could text him, tell him you're not interested and than block him.


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  • You'll have to explain it


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