Girlfriend asking me if I'm cheating when she's drunk?

She got drunk at a party, and I asked her if she wanted her sun glasses back (She has kept them in my car for months now). And she kept saying those aren't mine, and she asked to see my phone later that night. She always suggests that if I cheated on her I should be afraid, I keep reading posts all over the place suggesting this is a sign of guilt that she has cheated. I'm honestly a bit anxious about it, because I've been faithful. Yet there have been signs coming from her, and I've caught her in lies before but she says she loves me and that she is faithful towards me.


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  • it could be a sign of that... yes.

    but.. with her threatening you to be afraid...

    I think it's more likely she's been hurt before by a cheater

    • She has but she also knows that I'm the nicest guy she's ever dated/met. I treat girls with the upmost respect.

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    • She openly admits that she knows I wouldn't cheat on her when she is sober though. But then she goes on saying that she would kill me if I did. But no like I mean she has had really bad relationships in the past. But she also always compared the others to me. (We dated a long time ago and got back together).

    • sounds like it's drunken insecurity

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  • if you 'love' each other buddy why are you always trying to catch each other out?
    tbh not much of a relationship if there's no trust?

    • I do trust her but the signs just worry me, I don't want to be played a fool.

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