[GaGs] Should I Date her again?

There is this older woman, i been seeing her once per week. How to say? She's not the typical woman who genuinely likes to talk non stop. She only answers when i ask her questions (not sure whether she's shy or not really interested at me.) We will both sit down silently together if i don't bring topics up. However, we do have some similar opinions when we talked about certain subject. On the second date, when she was going out from my car, she said, ''it was a special date...'' because we went to amusement park unexpectedly under the rain. But she didn't stay longer in my car when she looked at me saying goodbye, and i freaked out kinda because i didn't went for the kiss (choking myself... lol) and she didn't ask me to go up to her place too. Should I date her again? At the same time, I felt like wanna go for the third date but not sure if she worths it or not.
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  • Just talk to her! Don't choke on her again! And kiss her!

    • i was thinking, ''i wanna choke myself so badly...''' when she waved her hand to me when i was looking at her in my car LOL. It's kinda hard when a woman doesn't get close to you, touching you at all so i didn't have the classic invitation to go for the kiss (maybe she's shy, structured...''

    • yes but you should have tired! I know i know that sound mean but still! You like her and you want her lets show some energy and spirt!

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  • Talk to her and see if she enjoyed her time with you first

    • i told her, i had a good time..
      She: It was a special date, didn't expect that...
      later she texted me... thanks me for the treat
      i said, ''i shouldve go for the...''
      She: ''Go for?''

      I will wait her reach out to me next time, i want to see her interest level.

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