Girls, I feel because I am big "fat" people tend to see me as a terrible person.. I feel as if I give out bad vibes cause of my appearance?

I'm a 25 year old Latino male I weigh 305 pounds im on the big side and because of that i feel like i give bad vibes out to girls. People tend to look at me as if i was a terrible person, it hurts my feelings to know they judge me for what i look like and not who i am. This new generation is filled with women that only care about a Mans appearance and his material objects everyone wants to be with the "Sexy"fit guy i know the only person i can blame is myself for not turning my life around its hard when you'l run out of self esteem. I'm a funny guy and i tend to a make my family and friends laugh I'm the kindest nicest guy around lol all i want is a queen to be by my side, and build a life and an empire together...


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  • Hey, other people's negative assumptions or biased attitudes are they problem, and their views define them in a harsher light than you. Please don't let anyone affect how you feel about yourself. You sound sweet and kind, and that will attract the sweetest, kindest woman, who sees your soft heart, so don't let the other bastards take that opportunity away from you.

    • Thank you for the kind words hun😉

    • I have the same thoughts sometimes too, but you have gotta love yourself, or you just show people that you aren't worth loving.

    • Thanks I've let go so many people already lo

  • Lol do not even get hung up on people who want to be so obsessed with looks etc. Love yourself Im sure you are a handsome guy ;) To me a nice face is important and personality is the only thing that matters. A good guy is hard to find.


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