I can't understand why my ex-girlfriend basically wants from me now?

long story short, me and my ex broke up around September because i sort of betrayed her. i did not cheat or anything like that, i just betrayed her with my words because she found out i've been talking behind her back. really bad stuff i said about her and its not the first time. no matter what i do she keeps coming back to me.

so recently we got back together, only now its been about a week and she does not want to have sex yet. she says she has an internal battle with herself and does not know what to do. yet she still seems very much in love with me. she told me she has a "love-hate relationship" with me. any ideas?


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  • Maybe it's you who should stop taking advantage of the situation, and if you don't respect her (clearly you don't) then don't agree to get back together. Take responsibility for your actions, and make better choices.


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