How should I act around this guy now?

Long explination is long.

Chilling alone with a guy I've sort of kind of known for a while, watching netflix, and talking when I had a sudden urge to get something off my chest that had been bugging me. So I sort of told him that I've thought he was cute for a while but don't think dating him would work out (heard he's not very good with long distance relationships and I'll probably be moving soon). After a while going back to what we were doing, he mentions that he thought I was pretty cute too... The atmosphere wasn't really awkward or anything, it felt really relaxed actually (to me) and we went back to chilling.

A few hours later we went on a food run with some of our other friends who are dating, and I think their little bits of PDA made me a bit too self concious because all of a sudden it felt really strange/awkward to talk with cute guy and I suddenly felt way more reserved. I ended up saying goodbye to everyone after we got back and went home a full 4-5 hours earlier than I usually would. I think my anxieties are getting the better of me and making me think that he's avoiding me online too (not that we've ever talked much there either).

Guh, I have no idea why I did this... I don't want him to think I'm avoiding him, but I not sure how to act now... In your -probably more expert than mine- opinion how do you think I should handle this?

(It's been a few days since this happened)


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  • Just take a deep breath! Breath! okay its okay I don't think you should make it a big deal! You like this guy your going to have to calm down your anxitey maybe even take medication! I am saying this by experience.


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  • I would just be honest with him and tell him how you feel. If you guys truly are that good of friends then I'm sure he will understand.


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