Is he moving to fast?

so i met a guy and i like him. we are a couple now but he's already talking about moving in together next summer cause we will be at two fire stations that are kind of close. he also said there is no one else for him and i know i won't want to be with him forever. is he moving to fast what should i do.


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  • is he a fasting person in general? maybe he just doesn't like eating, that might be why he is moving to fast.


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  • Wait I don t understand.
    How long was the relationship?
    He wants you to move in with him but you don t see a future with him?
    If so the hell are you staying with the poor guy? :/
    Def don t move in and be clear about your intentions with him. Don t lead him on for fun thatbs just cruel.

    • we have been dating for about a month and he already thinks we are gonna get married he said it to my face.

    • You made qiite an impression on the poor guy;)
      Yea def tell him to take it slow and where you stand in the future.

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  • If you don't want to be forever than tell him to move slow! Talk to him!


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