Guys, My friends with benefits called me girlfriend joking right?

Long story short, we were looking at houses while going back to his from dinner and the house had a high maintenance garden - as he's busy working he said that's why he has a girlfriend and squeezed my leg.
Were here so comfortable with each other and have been going on dates for a year but agreed we don't have a connection to take it to the next level - bit since we agreed that we've become a lot closer and more trusting of one another.

Think he's getting feels?

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  • No just slipped out and doesn't think you're a girlfriend
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  • He's catching feelings. But why not take it forward?

    • We talked about our feelings after he opened up about his anxiety, we agreed that we really like each other but didn't have the "spark". But since then i think we've become so much closer, more relaxed and comfortable. So I think we may have created that spark by being so honest and open with each other? If this makes sense haha

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    • Hehe thanks :) it would be great if we could be more, there's zero games and we can be completely ourselves which I think is pretty rare :)

    • A relationship is a beautiful thing 😊 Hope you get into it very soon 😊 Best wishes 😊 Be in touch 😊

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  • Friends with benefits, is a relationship, without the label


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