Had sex with my neighbours wife for a long time. Should we stop?

I know this may sound bit wired and long one. But in early 2010 I was in my class 10th and was 15years old. That time a newly weded couple came in neighbours to live. The girl was 22years old that time. I use to call her didi, they had a love marriage. She was really beautiful and gorgeous in her physique that I was attracted to her the first time I saw her. In next two year the couple had serious fights with each other due to their inlaws but always sticked together after fights. In 2011 they completed 2years of their marriage and were blessed with a beautiful baby boy. Since I like children very much I use to play and take very much care of her son, so use to be at their home for maximum time. I got really close to my neighbours wife who then was 23 and I was 16, we use to flirt with each other a lot. During the semifinal match of 2011 worlcup India vs Pakistan I was at their home to see the match as there was a technical problem at my home tv. After The first innings ended with India's batting her husband went to his friends house for remaining of the match. She use to flirt with me when we both were alone so as soon as her hubby left we both started flirting. She for the first time teasingly asked about my girlfriend to which I told that I never had a girlfriend. She then told me that when she was of my age she had two bf's and warned me to not to tell this to her hubby even in sleep. Then we continued this kind of naughty questioning to each other. Later she breast feeded her son and made him sleep. After that we got really close to each other and I told her that I liked her and we ended up kissing each other. Later dduring dinner she told that what we did was wrong and to keep the things between to of us only. Later almost 1½years passed and we just shared a kiss twice. I was
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I was just a month short to complete my 18years and she was already 24 we ended up having sex. For last 3years her husband is in Dubai while I sleep with her. Should we continue as I am 21years now and hav girlfriend


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  • You should tell her husband and hope that he gets angry at the cheating bitch and not at you.

  • You should stop her relationship.


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