Is something wrong with me?

I'm 20 and I've never been in a real relationship.

The sort-of-relationships I have been in have been brief and not serious or I was serious but we were unofficial, like he had a girlfriend and i was the other woman and stuff.

I've only been in love once or twice and they didn't work out... Clearly.

Currently, I have feelings for a friend but he has a girlfriend (who has the same name as me)... Just my luck.

Is it wrong for me to be picky? And when I do acually find love, I'm caught up in a crazy situation like he's married and it doesn't work out.
Is there something wrong with me?
Why does cupid hate me? :'(


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  • Both my sister and I never wanted to have a relationship with anyone. There is a reason, back in the past. Cupid, however, caught up with both of us. Sis, at 21, has had her first boyfriend for 2 or 3 months. I don't think you will have a problem finding love. The secret is to be ready when it happens. Don't let the guy slip through your fingers.


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  • You just need to be more opened to accept other people's invitation for dates.

  • Stop chasing alpha males then.

    • Yes there is definitely something wrong with you. It seems all you go for is men who are in relationships and like cheating on their girlfriend.

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