How do I get him to tell me what he wants to do more often?

I started dating this guy, and I really like him, I think he's a great guy and very attractive, but every time we go out he leaves it up to me to decide what we're going to do. I'm not sure if he just doesn't want to say something I might not like, or he just honestly doesn't care what we do and is down for anything as long as we're hanging out. I don't really mind doing the organizing I guess, but it'd be nice to have him take some initiative too.

The only thing he's more firm on is not allowing me to pay, unless I really insist. I remember on our first date he just directly handed the waiter his card and didn't even give me a chance to offer. Which made me melt, but I wish he was that decisive on other things.

Point is, I want to make sure we're doing things he wants to do too, and get him to volunteer that information more easily. Right now it's a bit like pulling teeth.


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  • It really depends on each individual maybe he just wants to sound more polite. For me, I will say, ''we're going to do something fun, amusement park? Are you tired? Agree?'' If she declines, then i only ask her any suggestions.


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