When a guy double texts - does it mean anything?

I was texting my guy friend the other day (we have known each other for years but were never very close friends. For some reason we just stayed in touch after highschool).

We were texting recently, this was our conversation:

Him: Are you heading home for the holidays?
Me: Yes, for about a month.
Him: We will definitely need to catch up. Can't wait to meet your new puppy!
Me: Yes we will catch up for sure. Yeah he's so adorable. So how are you?
Him: Yeah good thanks, how are you?
Him (one hour later): Yes your dog sounds so cute!

Just wondering why he sent another text an hour later? Was it an afterthought or something? It just seems weird that he sent it an hour later.


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  • It's a small bridge between insecurity and feeling ignored. You didn't reply (knowingly, not that you can't but it can be considered rude sometimes... steretypes of people getting answers asap I know right.)

    However, it could also be him being smart - he wanted to make sure you didn't forget he wrote to you and tried to reinitiate the conversation you were having. Often with all the girls I meet I have plenty chats and conversations that I sometimes read it while I am putting on music at a traffic light or at training or at a bar, I swiftly read the message and forget about it seconds later not rudely but it just simply slips my mind so if this was the case for you we can relate and he maybe just wanted to make give his effort 100% before he realises there isn't any potential for the two of you to hang out/or more :P

    • And obviously you didn't really setup a time and date. Now that I reread you asked each other how you were etc. and its natural to continue the flow of conversation - something you did not do so that can seem a little off-putting.

    • Thanks for your answer. Just out of curiosity, would you say he's possibly interested in me?

    • That's almost certain, he is trying to keep the conversation flowing but as everything, each effort must go both ways. Play along, you never know it could end into something you would enjoy more than you thought ^^

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  • I am not sure! I don't think you should read to much to a text. Read to how he act as a person.


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  • It is not weird on how much he needs the duration to text you back. I think it's more concern to say why you don't give him a definite time that you're to catch up with him in the future? Plus, he also doesn't have clue of how to set up a date to meet u.

  • Afterthought, and he likes chatting...
    Don't read into it too deeply either way :)
    All good

  • The question is why didn't you reply?

    I dubbele and tripple text all the time.

  • why are you people so complicated in your lives? just take it easy

    • Thanks for your answer. Would you mind telling me how we are making it difficult? I'm genuinely looking for advice, thanks

  • becuz u didn't reply back u idiot! he knows u seen his message n are just ignoring him so fuck u

    • Wow, calm down there old fella. I was just busy. Mid life crisis mate?

    • busy my ass lying ass bitch u were ignoring him fuck offffff

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