Guys, should I text him first please advice?

I have him my number well we exchanged numbers. I see him. on Fridays when I go to work. It's been 6 days no text. He did say was going to call me early in the Morning so he get my coffee he never said what day tho... should I text him like hey how. are you? Or something? Would this make me look desperate?


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  • You should. If you got no response u should move on. I'm scratching my head why did he ask for yours if he isn't planning to ask you out?

    • I'm not sure but he said going to call me early in the morning but he never said What day? I see him on Fridays but I think he may meant Friday but I would I think he would of pretexted me by now... your thoughts?

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    • Not yet... why? He claim works a lot. Thoughts?

    • Inbox me so we can discuss about it

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