Guys, what would be worse?

- Girl that had a share of partners in the past
- Virgin girl with antisocial personality disorder

The first girl is ok but just that she has a sexual past and had been in casual dates when single.
The second girl is a virgin and to some marriage material but she had a history of lying to others or even harming animals as a kid.
  • Girl with a sexual past... disgusted by how many guys were in her
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  • Virgin girl with antisocial personality disorder
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  • Equally grossed out
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Well this all depends if they will keep this trend honestly. I am going to assume that I am looking at these two as potential girlfriends. If they are both good with commitment then I would further want to know if A has the goals as I do for the relationship and if B is still lying and harming.


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  • I would have a problem with the virgin girl. I am not disgusted that someone had some casual dates in the past that resulted in sex.

  • Unless she acquired some incurable STD, I could come to terms with the one with the sexual past.

  • I wouldn't date either of these train wrecks.

  • I am guessing you come under the second..

    • nope, I'm normal... I was just saying if those were the options which one would be worse

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    • not me but someone else at workplace said they know a girl like that

    • knew

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