Which things tell you're dating a good guy?

I am a girl with daddy issues.. I don't like using that phrase but it is kinda true. Our relationship has been rocky since I was a little girl. He's not a bad man but has had his problems. I was also severely bullied in high school by guys often also physically. This is the reason I have avoided men until now. I met a guy online and we have not met yet. Ldr is hard but I love him. We have been talking for a long time and he seems like the sweetest guy ever. He can tell when I am upset just through texting and he always knows how to comfort me. He also has two younger sisters and is close with her mom. Is that a pretty good sign that he's a safe guy?


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  • Well, what kinds of things do you guys talk about? Have you guys ever talked about how much money you have or where you live? That sort of thing? How long specifically have you been talking? These things make a difference.

    Also, you guys have exchanged pictures, I assume? You've done the whole, "here's what I look like" kind of thing? If you ask for a picture of him, do you get one fairly quickly or does he make an excuse about like how his camera is broken or something?

    • He knows I am not wealthy. We both know each other's countries (neighbor countries) and cities but not exact addresses. We are friends on social media so at least he has nothing to hide in facebook, instagram etc. We have been talking for a year. And we have seen many pics of each other. We use snapchat a lot which is atm pics so it's pretty impossible to cheat.

    • Well, I don't wanna get too personal, but could he be into you for just sex? Does he ever give you the impression that's all he cares about? Or does he seem to really like you? Not *just* for your body, but for who you are as a person?

      (I'm asking, I don't think he is. I'm just wondering what you think about this possibility)

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  • im not trying to scare you or say he is lying but it is really easy to be "the sweetest guy ever" over text or online.
    most people are a bit different in person, over text you have some time to think about what to say and there is very little pressure in the moment.
    now im not saying he is a bad guy by any means but it is hard to judge a person with out meeting them in person.
    good luck with him.. and i hope he is the guy you think he is

  • "we have not met yet. Ldr is hard but I love him"

    you're in a long distance relationship with a guy you haven't met yet, and you love him already? This might not end well

  • You should not totally believe on what you seen on text or online. Some guy may just sweet from outside only. Anyways you need to meet that guy in person only you can know that. Awareness is better

  • Is he dedicated to making the world a better place, by striving his best to ensure that happiness is at it's possible height and attempting to expand those boundaries, and to ensure the prosperity of life?

    He is opposing and fighting against suffering and death?

    On top of that,

    A good relationship, is based off a fundamental framework of shared belief's, the greater your beliefs, the better the relationship.

    continue an effort into finding people who share the way you see the world, and who would want to share the world with you and for you.

    Anything else is futile waste of effort, in the context of general relationship's, especially romantic one's.

  • Safe? I don't know. But it is a good chance he knows to take care of women.

  • Well, I wouldn't date a girl who has daddy issues. Too much baggage, that's just me though

    • dont forget that there is a high chance a girl with daddy issues is a demon in the sack my friend... that is more often the case than not... there is a silver lining to every cloud! hahaah

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    • *fast to judge

    • I'm just sayin'

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