What to do when a guy suddenly stops responding?

I've know this guy for awhile now. About a year ago he took me on a dinner date, but that didn't really go anywhere. Recently we started talking again and he asked me on another date. This one was more casual and we had a lot of fun, he even said he had fun. And when we said goodnight he hugged me and kissed me on the lips before I left. The next day after the date he was still responding to me and I happened to ask if he would want to hangout again that night, he said he would like to be that he had to go out of town but otherwise he would. The reason I asked was because I go to college and hour away from my home town where this guy lives. I happened to be visiting home when I went on the date and I figured maybe if he liked me he would want to hangout again before I had to be back to college on Sunday. I can understand if he had to be out of town because of prior plans and couldn't hangout that's fine. But since then he really hasn't talked to me. Which is really freaking aggravating. I mean he seemed interested and he kissed me on the lips goodbye, I think that's something you would do if you're interested in a person. Could he think I'm mad that he couldn't hangout the time I asked or did I possibly scare him off by asking to hangout? If I still don't hear from for a couple more days him should I send him some kind of message to address it? Like hey what happened? If he doesn't want another date that's fine but come out and say it, don't say that you had a lot of fun and then kiss someone goodbye. How should I handle this?


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  • I think you are someone he thinks about from time to time. The problem is, when you think about someone you haven't seen in a long time you start to make up your own mental image of them. The mental image you make is always something you are interested in. Curiosity gets the better of him and he finally makes a move to take you out. Once he sees you in real life, you aren't the same way he imagined and unfortunately loses interest. The hug and kiss is just another way he is trying to convince himself you are the person he thinks you are. Once he has more time to think about it after the night is over, he simply feels you are not right for him.

    For now, I would simply text him and say you had a wonderful time and would like to meet up again sometime, and tell him to message or call you if he wants. This puts the ball in his court.


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  • just like you said yourself, ask him why


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  • actions speak louder than words right? the fact that he doesn't respond or responds only briefly indicates that he probably doesn't have that deep of feelings (sorry to say).

    I'd basically back of and let him take action to prove how he feels. because the hot and cold behavior he exhibits only leaves you with questions.


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