Anytime I try to talk about feeling with my boyfriend he gets mad?

Why? It's like he is completely void of reasoning when it comes to emotions because emotions aren't always logical and he's and engineer.

He he always ends up getting mad and thinking I'm accusing h of stuff when really I'm just trying to let him know how I feel.

I've vey told him I'm not doing it out of spite or mad at him because he didn't do anything wrong. I just don't want to sit there a the time pretending everything is hunky dory. I'd rather just let him know how I'm feeling then get some space for a while as opposed to never voicing my opinion on anything and slowly building resentment (like he does).


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  • In my experience if you can't express your emotions in a relationship, it's a big red flag. Not saying he is, but it's definitely a narcissistic tendency. Do some research online and cross check other factors to see if he fits that mold.

    Being able to communicate how we feel goes to the core of connecting with someone. If he can't do it without thinking you are attacking, blaming or accusing him, then he clearly has some issues. It reeks of a lack of compassion and empathy because he does value how you feel in any given situation. And you can't make someone change

    If this was happening with me, I wouldn't be hanging around. I'd be out the door running as fast as I can. Save yourself.

    • He doesn't value how you feel**

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    • Or "I think you are overthinking things". Both of these phrases to me= being dismissive of my feeling POV

    • The more you describe him the more he sounds like a textbook narcissist to me. Don't forget the fact that he is not letting you express you emotions is manipulation. He is changing your natural behaviour and instincts to suit his needs.

      I would be very cautions now. Speaking from experience.

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