I have a crush on a guy who asked another girl to coffee... Are they just friends? Should I be concerned?

I have a big crush on my guy friend, and we've known each other for a couple of months now but are only friends. I noticed that on another girl's Facebook, it was her bday.. And he wished her a happy bday and then said they should have coffee again soon.

i felt kinda hurt.. Does it mean anything? by the way we are in college


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  • You're not dating, not sure why he would take your feelings into account in this situation.

    • But does it look like he's into her?

    • Looks like he's taking her out to coffee for her birthday. It maybe a friend thing or it may be more. Hard to say based on what you provide.

  • Too soon to tell. You like him, you feeling hurt is normal, however, if you like him, then make a move, it is the better choice than sitting around doing nothing but being his friend.


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