How to stop being paranoid?

so whenever i talk to a guy or i'm in a relationship with someone i always get paranoid. even if i do know deep down that he isn't talking to someone else i get really paranoid and start to go on his phone whenever he leaves it by me.
i think this happens because of previous relationships i've been in when i really liked a guy they end up cheating. i just don't think i can trust anyone ever again? how do i stop being paranoid and start to gain trust in people? i hate not being able to trust people i care about.


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  • Therapy. Fantastic thing, therapy. And time.

    Also, if you have friends whose discernment you trust, run your potential partners by them, and ask them what they think of them. And then *listen*. They may be in a better position to judge than you are.


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  • U need the help of an expert!


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