She said to take it slow. Is a this a good or bad sign? Am I friendzoned?

I have been out with this girl 4 times in the span of 1week and a day. During this 4 "dates" I feel my inaction might have messed things up. She came to my place once for a movie and after that she kissed me but I only gave her a peck on her forehead (well she is short).

So, our last meeting was for breakfast, that she initiated, before she left to visit her grandparents for the week. I asked her what all these meetings meant is there something more than just being friends. She told me that we should TAKE THINGS SLOW. I see a lot of forums saying taking things slow is a sign of being friendzoned. Is this the case here? What steps should I take next?


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  • Just be aware of your surroundings around her. Whether your friendzoned or not, learn from this experience.. if a girl wants to see you more than 2xs in a week and call it a "date", your safe.

  • No, not necessarily. If she totally shut you down, then I would say... yes.


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