Why do I attract women who are tired of casual sex and want a relationship?

When these women are in search of some fuck material, they'll never show any interest in me but as soon as they want a relationship they seem to gravitate towards me. I didn't notice this trend until about two years ago but it seems to happen all the time. I don't attract a lot of women but the one's I attract are these types of people and it makes me angry and sick to the pit of my stomach. Why should I accept these women who aren't interested in me, they just want to settle down and assume I am a safe bet because I don't going around screwing random women.

I'm not saying these women don't deserve happy relationships but I find it insulting that they assume I'll take them after half of my town has rail roaded them. Why don't they settle down with men who are like them? Who sleep around. I don't want women like this and it's pissing me off that these are the only women that seem interested in me.


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