How to deal with a guy I dont like?

there's this guy at my job who likes me. he's liked me for a year now. he's called me twice this week and asked me hangout. I decline every time. He claims were just friends but I know he wants more. I just wish there was a way to get him to leave me alone and not come off as a jerk. He always ask me how my day is and he's a nice uy I just dont have the time ti date plus Im not interested in him.


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  • Why can't you just tell him that?
    It's better to be honest so he will stop pining and move on to someone that might accept is advances.

    There isn't a "nice" way to reject someone. It's going to hurt either way. The best thing you can do is be honest and explain your reasoning behind it in the nicest way possible. Don't degrade him in any way. You could even tell him that he is a really nice guy and he will make some other girl very happy!

    Honesty is the best thing you can give him.


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  • Tell him to be a professional and you don't date co-worker.


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