How can I prepare myself for regection and failure?

okay i have been taking to this girl lets carl her oz. i have known oz since i was 8 and she was the first girl i have ever had a crush on. there was always something about oz. she has the whole girl next door look to her and when you see her you can see that she is just a girl that is naturally beautiful. like she dosent even need makeup. the problem is me and oz are very diffrent. oz is pretty, in good shape, smart and very social. i am ugly, i am so fat i have stretchmarks, i have a learning disabilty and i can barely do third grade math. i have aspergers and social anxiety. i have zero friends and the only people i spend time with on the weekends is the people on frasier on netflix. i have always been regected by girls. while i know i am overweight i still have aspergers and can't even talk to men let alone women. if you have ever seen any romantic comedy its boy falls for girl and they eventually date. but this isn't how my life works. if my life is like a movie then i have seen this movie so many times i already know how it ends. i go up to her and she says no. i have been laughed at and blocked on facebook and had a girl scream creep at me for just trying to talk to her. i have given up on dating and realtionships. i have expected it. hey i have aspergers were just not meant for love. i have just decided to give up on girls and i will probally die a kissless virgin. the thing is i asked oz out for coffee and instead of saying no she said maybe if i have enough time and if i have enough time i will go out with you. i am probally going to hear back from oz in two weeks when its Thanksgiving and while i know she will regect me i am still going to approach her even though i know the outcome. i guess i feel that when you ain't got nothing you got nothing to lose. so any advice on how to prepare myslef for regection
I know I have bad spelling I have a terrible learning disability and natuarlry terrible grammer


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  • Yo spelling worse dan mein nigga!


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