I feel like my brother has issues?

He is always controlling, extremely disrespectful and always tries to tell me what i should do. He hates me for living at home at 23, he thinks i should move out but my schooling is first, the stresses of moving out and going to school, is making my grades fail, education will in the long haul make a way for me. I live with our mother and sistser and even tho they are both clinically depressed they dont bother me or anything, its annoying sometimes but i have to think about my future, i think he is jeaous because i am able to handle them while staying concentrated on my future, he didn't finish school, he works at a factory and has no license, car, and is 31, single and in huge debts. He is really a low life, and i wouldn't want to end up like him. He cherishes my younger sister and keeps calling her ''a true life lover'' and says that i am ''a bit of a fool and naive''. He even blocked me on whatsapp and added everyone on fb but me. He makes a big deal out my mom and sister, i simple ignore them and he acts like its a death situation. I felt pressured to move out and did some foolish things because of it, while i wasn't in a hurry at all.
he even shuts me out of family activities


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  • Just try to ignore him, he sounds like an asshole. You don't need that kind of negativity in your life, especially while you're trying to focus on your future. Maybe when you're done with school you can move away and won't even have to see him anymore.


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