Interracial Relationship Advice?

I am a white female and my parents are very against me dating black guys. I am talking to a black guy right now and my friend and her brother are asking "Why do you like black guys?" and I know my parents would not approve. Does anyone have any advice on if I should talk to the guy or not? In my school, white girls ("snow bunnies") are kind of looked down on and talked about. I don't want to be talked about but I want to be happy.. What do I do? )-:


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  • "In my school, white girls ("snow bunnies") are kind of looked down on and talked about."

    If your parents have you stuck in a school like *that*, they have no one but themselves to blame at your dating situation! Are all white girls denigrated like that? or just those who date black guys?

    Question: Have your parents actually *met* the young men in question? Would it help if it became apparent that the guys were *not* "ghetto", and actually had future plans beyond high school? In fairness, I have known white parents who didn't object to a black guy just because of that, but because they thought he was "ghetto" and had no future beyond the jail cell, unfairly or not.

    • it's my whole town basically just about white girls who date black guys. but it doesn't even have anything to do with them being ghetto and such they just dont approve. I know they wouldn't even care to meet him either /-:

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