Why aren't tall girls interested in tall guys?

I'm a tall guy (6'6"), and I've dated quite a few girls since I've been in college. The funny thing is that the tallest girl I've ever dated was 5'5". Most girls I've dated have been even shorter than that, which makes me wonder, why do tall girls seem to ignore tall guys?

My female friend asked me recently why I don't date tall girls, and I was like, bring me a tall girl who's into me! They don't seem to exist, whereas the short girls are eager to date me. When I look around I see tall girls dating guys who are essentially the same height as they are. Why is this?



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  • I don't know what kind of tall girls are around you but I would really appreciate some taller guys at my university. It seems like they cap out at about 6'2'', but are mostly between 5'8" and 6'1". It sucks because I'm 5'11" and I love wearing heels... but anyway, Whenever I see tall men there is instantly the "heyyy" radar going off in my head. Please don't stop approaching tall girls (unless you're creepy about it) because we need you on our side!

    • I actually don't approach tall girls because they never give me signals that they're interested. I tend to go where I'm wanted. The girls who want me are 5'6" and below. I've never understood why tall girls were so indifferent.

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  • personality matters more than height.. and maybe a bit shorter girls are interested more in you cuz it seems unusually attractive to them.. whereas tall girls don't care as much for height..

    • Physicality counts for A LOT, at least in my experience. When I lost fat and got leaner my dating prospects doubled. I do agree with you, though, that tall girls probably see tall guys as run-of-the-mill because they're tall, too. That would explain their general indifference.

    • I never said physical attraction doesn't matter.. it does matter.. but less then personality.. I personally don't care as long as the guy is not shorter than me.. and I'd not keep a 6 ft or over standard while i date..

    • What I'm saying is that personality doesn't even matter if the guy doesn't physically excite the girl. I learned that when I gained weight. Girls who shunned me then became much more interested in me after I got lean.

  • I'm going to say this, I'm 6 foot and I'm very attracted to tall guys. But I find myself to be really shy and intimidated by them and often feel as if they'll not be into someone that is tall. maybe they face the same issue?

    • You say you're shy and intimidated by tall guys... does that mean you think we're "out of your league"?

    • Pretty much yeah. Tall guys are so idolised and the perfect relationship is, "tall guy and short gir" so yeah. I think I do see tall guys as way out of my league.

  • Well to put it simply, height is not all that matters. Are you attractive? Are you kind? these things come into play as well. Personally, I like taller guys (I'm 5'9) but I would totally go for a shorter guy if he had all the right check marks!

  • Well, kinda we are all in the same struggle and don't know why.
    I'm a tall girl, and tall guys don't like me.
    You are a tall guy, who says tall girls don't like you.
    Maybe you should try showing some inner beauty instead of height? :)

    • "Maybe you should try showing some inner beauty instead of height?"

      What do you mean?

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    • The thing is, though, I tend to go for girls who show *some* interest in me. If a girl ignores me at every turn, there's almost no chance I'm going to try to initiate a relationship with her. So when tall girls consistently ignore me and act like I don't exist, I get the impression that they don't like me. By contrast, when short girls go crazy for me and act like they really want to know me, that gives me all the evidence I need that they'd like to be in a relationship with me. People just naturally go where they feel wanted, and I'm no different.

    • Well, I understand.

  • Weird. I have friends who are about 6' and even a friend who's 6'2 and they both prefer taller guys.

    • Are they outgoing around guys?

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    • I've hit on four tall girls since I've been in school and none have given me the time of day. The odd thing is, a couple of the short girls I've dated have been crazy hot, much more physically attractive than the tall girls I've hit on. This makes me think that short girls rate me much more highly than tall girls.

    • No idea man. I'm only 5'7.

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