WTF on this girl?

This girl I'm working on a project with is playing a game at least I feel like she is and I can't figure it out.

We have to travel together occasionally. She is a standoffish person in general she is always grilling people about work stuff and putting them on the spot. So the first time we traveled she was like high maintenance had to be about her. She will do stuff like accidentally bump me or my leg under the table and say sorry.

So so she is supposed to be helping me on this project by she's by she's making it painful to get ahold of. The first time we traveled it was up and down we battled quit a bit. One night at dinner we battled then we continued upstairs to our rooms. We stopped in front of my door and continued for like 10 mins and I finally said I have to pee and turns to go in and say we can continue if you'd like and she hesitates and laughs and says no we talk tomorrow. Anyway she'll do stuff like sit in the back seat when I'm driving and web the front seat opens up will stay in the back I'm like yeah right!

She he went off on me about polluting when i threw my gum out the window. Later we are riding on plane together sitting next to me laughing having fun she touched my leg "on accident" prob and she's asking everything about me and vice versa.

So so we return, and she disappears on me again. I need her for work stuff. I'll email her work? s and she won't respond to them instead emailing me a bunch of questions she wants answered. We then meet to formulate our best travel plans and she later asks to change them. I finally say no I'm going myself. I send her meeting invites to meet once a week to stay on same page and she denies its. I made plans for our third trip and she never accepts invite I wasn't going to chase her about it. She calls me the day before I leave and asks when I'm leaving (she already knew all details) then says have a nice trip. I'm pissed. I've called her twice and she ducks my calls. I told her I'm frustrated about lack of communication and she agrees we should make 1:1 meetings and sends invite for next week. Then she says can we talk about a part of the project I say anytime and I never hear from her. She'll probably cancel next week. I really don't understand this.

what do you think is up with this woman?
Help anybody


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  • Ask her why she is always ignoring your email, calls, and all that. Also she seems to send weird mixed signals for some reason..

    • Totally weird. Is this a game to her?

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    • Girls can be confusing 😕 so you'll have to ask her to know for sure..

    • Thanks any guess why she doing this tho?

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  • Some women can be just very weird. I think the best solution is just to confront her about it and ask her why she is doing that. She's acting very strange to you so you have nothing to lose by just asking her.

    • Any idea why she is acting this way?

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