How should I start talking with my high school crush again?

I know its a little long but please read. I need all the help i can get.

I've like a girl since grade 9 in highschool but i never really told her. It hink she liked me at a point but i never really did anything cuz i was afraid. We were still friends and would talk sometimes but not a lot. We both graduated and now go to different universities but still in the same city.

Yesterday i was feeling courageous and i started talking to her on Facebook. The convo wasn't that interesting tbh but we caught up a little. It ended on a question i asked her and she simply replied "No" i wasn't sure what to reply back so i just left it like that. Now i don't really know how to engage a conversation again.

Should i just pretend that the convo didn't happen and start over or would it look like I'm trying too hard and possibly annoying her?

What would you do in that situation? I really like her and i don't want to wonder what could have happened between us.

Please help!


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  • Ask her about the good old days and see if she picks up the conversation.


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