Did I make a mistake by cancelling our date?

I was talking to this guy. He was really good looking and he seemed nice at first. However, I got put off by the fact that he turned the conversation sexual right away.

We just started talking and he admitted to be pretty open about sex. That's fine with me, but I wasn't expecthing him to already be into the sex talk yet.

I was texting him for a week, and he kept bringing up sex. He kept offering to send me a pic of him (his member) and saying how I probably look good naked and stuff.

Then when I didn't text him back right away he would keep asking if i lost interest. He admitted to being desperate. He has two kids and is not with the mom anymore (she's married now).

I stopped the conversation last night because he asked me if I shaved down there and what I preferred. I told him I wasn't comfortable with the convo because I felt it was too soon to talk about that kind of stuff. I wasn't planning on hooking up with him at this point and he told me he wasn't either (which I kinda feel was a lie). So I cancelled the date because he just seemed to keep dismissing my feelings.

But I talked to my friend today and she said her fiancee did a lot of that stuff when they first met. And
she said it was normal. So now I feel like I might have made a mistake.

What do you guys think?


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  • If he cannot control his texts how will he control himself when you say no to his adances. Prior events form future trends sweetheart. Anyway, he sounds if he is having zero luck so it's not just you turning him down. Love should be fun and exciting, not one sided and uncomfortable.

    • Thank you! I really appreciate your answer. I really felt that his behaviour was full of red flags. I was trying to put up some reasonable boundaries and he kept pushing them. My friend just made me second guess my decision though because she kept downplaying it and saying her fiancee did stuff like that.

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  • I know the dude is fucked up for going too fast. But I don't want you to be fucked up for trying to talk to that guy again. I'd say drop him.

    • Thanks! Yea, I really felt stressed and pressured because he kept bringing it up, even after I told him no I'm not comfortable. I get that some people are more sexual, but he needed to have some respect

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