How do you get rid of someone who doesn't want to understand that you are not interested?

So I went on a date with a guy I liked on tinder. He seemed perfectly normal until... Well, we kissed, I didn't feel a thing, I didn't like the way he was already trying to get me to his place, I didn't like his humor, so even though he was good looking and all, it was a no for me. I couldn't tell what it was but something was not right about him. Now I know why...

So the next day, after receiving texts that were already too much for me (over the top romantic), I told him that I was not looking for anything right now. You know the thing you say to be polite... But he didn't get it. So he insisted, and started to say stuff like "If you are not interested just say it". So I said it.

But still he didn't get it. This was in August, and I still receive texts from him. It was just one every now and then, and this week, I don't know what happened but it's been 10 messages already. I'm just trying to understand. Why would anyone do that? It's so creepy. I don't get it. If someone told to me "no thanks" I would not pursue this person any further. I told him to stop sending me texts, but he won't listen. Now it's poems. He doesn't send anything mean or does anything harmful, but it starts to piss me off and freaks me out a little, cause he knows where I work.

I didn't respond to any of the texts from this month, but maybe I should just tell him to leave me alone. But something tells me that this guy is not super stable. Maybe I'm just imagining things. What would you do in my situation?


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  • Be has no idea where you live?
    Just block all forms of contact with him, ie his number/fb
    And with luck, you'll never hear from him again


Most Helpful Girl

  • Oh damn, I wish I knew. I've been having the same issue.
    There is a certain guy who keeps pressuring me to meet up even though I have told him numerous times that I don't see him that way. If you find a way, please let me know.


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  • Some guys are incapable of believing that a girl wouldn't want them. Sounds like you found one of these guys


What Girls Said 2

  • Just be straight up. Tell him to straight up back off.

  • Just ignore them
    don't let them talk
    don't even look at them
    when you see them prented to be with someone else


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