This guy that I like and he kinda likes me but he didn't really like me because I'm really short I'm 4'11 and we're freshmans. I don't know what todo?

My whole families short. Then later I yelled at him for saying that to me and he was like " I'm sorry I'm going through a lot right now and none of that's true." Because earlier he told his friends that I was ugly and too skinny and short. Well one of his friends told me. I know I shouldn't forgive him but I did. But I don't know what to do his friends said that he's socially awkward so I don't know how to talk to him w/o it being weird. Help!


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  • First of all, don't look at your height as a flaw. I have never met a guy that complained about a girl being too short. In fact, a lot of guys are attracted to short girls because there are short guys looking for them. It seems that you got angry at him more about your insecurity of your height than anything else. Maybe he's telling the truth and his "one" friend lied. Or maybe he lied and his friend was being honest. Maybe his friend told you that stuff to turn you away from the guy you like because the friend has a crush on you. There's lots of possibilities. But it seems like this incident happened because of your insecurities. Again, in the dating world, no guy has a problem if the girl is short. That's unheard of. Going luck and don't stop being amazing.


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