We've been dating for a month, but his signals aren't clear. What's going on?

I met him online. Then we started dating. We've seen each other a dozen times now and have stayed romantic. We have plans every weekend including this one, and he makes at least half of them. He calls me pet names like sweetie and cutie. Yet, he doesn't want us to be publicly "official" and he hasn't taken down his dating profile despite us talking about both of these things. He doesn't want to see other people (he says to me at least...) but I'm getting a weird vibe over his unwillingness to go public. Does he want a relationship with me or not? Aren't those pet names a little more like for a young girl than a girlfriend?
He posted pics of us on his Facebook and changed his status to say he's in a relationship with me. Dating profile is still up, but he's not being so shady anymore. Good sign?


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  • In my opinion he may just be stringing you along until he finds someone better or he actually does want to date multiple people

    • Yeah, thanks. The dating other people part is kind of my fear. Just don't know why he's making so much effort on this if he wants something else. Lots of sweet gestures, but... I think he said not dating other people just so that I wouldn't. Mixed signals from him.

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  • Wait u mean he can't date u in a public place?

    • No, no. We go out in public, and it's always just us. I just mean that he doesn't seem to want to be boyfriend and girlfriend. It's just very casual dating. He ignores whatever we discuss about being in a relationship, and he is keeping his online dating profile. Maybe it's just that I've had men cheat, but... I'm getting bad vibes off his mixed signals.

    • Oh, and his Facebook says he's single still. It's been a month... How is he single? I don't want to be trifling, but he's the one who mentioned "Oh, I should take down my dating profile now that we've been together. So, I searched. It's still up. I just feel like 1) I'm partially a secret and 2) He is still seeing other people despite what he says. That, or I'm paranoid. ?

    • Leave now it's better

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