Girls, Can a guy who lost all his hair as a teen (scalp issue) and who has higher stabdards still be able to marry in his 20's?

I lost hair very young to a disorder, it's permanebt so I shave what little remains, anyway I really wanted to be married young, I take relationships seriously and would never imagine a light fling (even turned down friends with benefits once) but despite my serious take on girls I really only would date a girl who's physically attractive... sounds shallow but I believe it's only natural and won't change that. Anyway girls do you think a young guy with no hair and having decent high standards could still be married young? Like I said I only need one but she really does have to be special looks wise and sweet.
  • Yes, a guy with no hair still has a good shot at being married in his 20's even with high standards
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  • No, young girls, especially more attractive ones dislike bald enough he'll probably have to wait
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Wow I can spell, standards * sorry
At least the vast majority seems to side with me :)
I sure hope these results are reflected by the girls in interested in


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  • All it takes is one person who loves you.

    • True but as I said factor in my own high standards on looks and her standards too I don't know

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