Why do some guys just want pics so badly?

This guy I used to date but not official has been messaging me lately, he keeps wanting a pic, but I know he would want my body in it, even if not with my clothes off. He messaged me saying hi, whats up, etc. Then he told me he needs a pic, I ignored him, because I didn't want to send it. Then he kept saying hi, or how are you-he messaged me all week, finally I responded. He said no pic (with a sad face) I said come see the real thing. He said where are you now? I said next week is beter, he said ok. Then he said can I get a pic? I guess not...

What the heck? Why won't he just come see me?

He KNOWS what I look like! And why does he want a pic so badly? I did not get fat or anything lol.

Part of me wants to send a pic, but I also don't want him to think that I am like his little slave girl.


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  • He is a perpetual horn dog!

    • So why can't he just visit me?

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  • they want fapping material!


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What Guys Said 2

  • He want to see if you are worth visiting..

    • Ouch... well I look just the same, we video chatted only a few months ago, if anything I look better, I lost weight :P

    • So maybe he wants a pic to you know.. bust a nut. He is not asking for a nude pic, because he is trying to play it safe for now. But if you send him the pic, I doubt it will take him much longer to ask for a nude pic.

  • Probably cause your hot and he wants to show his friends and admire you

    • But why can't he just come visit me? Touching is better ;)

    • Yes it is. Guys are stupid. Don't know what else to tel you. I'd be over there touching.

What Girls Said 1

  • IDK!!! guys do that too me too im like nope and theyre like ok well keep working on those pics im like WHAT THE HECK? NO MEANS NO !!

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