Guys, How do I let the guy know that I'm different than his ex and to stop comparing me to her?

I recently started talking to this guy and we are very compatible with each other but meeting him he told me I reminded him a lot of his ex and that really hurts me because no girl wants to be compared to somebodys ex. he told me before that he thought he was ready in that it would take some time him and his girlfriend only broke up three weeks ago and I told him I'm willing to give him time but how long do I give him I don't want to wait forever and I don't want to wait till it's pointless and I also don't want to bring it up because I don't want to seem like I'm just gonna leave if he says he can't get over that quick. I just want to know how much time I should get them and if I should say anything about him compare me to His ex at times.


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  • That's strong connection he had then. In my opinion give about another 2 weeks. I say top is a month MAYBE 2 depending on how hard he is actually trying. When I say trying I mean to get over his ex not getting back with her when opportunity comes trust me there's a difference. It may suck but if he still hasn't hinted a progress with you then you have to keep pushing to the next or else you'll be waiting forever or if he's a little interested he'll see what he may be missing when your flossing with someone else and be involved when he can. Cause if it's too long I'm afraid he's just stuck and doesn't have the strength right now to get out. And I'm sure you don't want to be reminded of how much you remind him of his ex often that means she's still on his mind much and hasn't healed enough. But if you walk it with him it will be a burden on you. Until you guys get past it. #just my thought

  • If he compares u to her he prefers her


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