Is it wrong to go to my boyfriend job?

My fiance has this stalker girl who has been released from prison. I been to court with him to get a no. contact order and a order of protection against her because she is a category 4 stalker and harasser. Calling the police isn't doing any good. Now she's out she broke in the house and stole his phone. She admitted to hijacking his phone on his social media and she was writing crazy messages. His phone has no minutes on it so it will just ring until it goes to voicemail but you get no notification of the call. She's getting threats sent to her in text messages as in to kill her because this has been going on for almost 3 years. I haven't heard from him since Thursday. We stay an hour away from each other but he never been to my town I always came to see him. We don't know each other number by heart because its programmed so we don't look. He has no Facebook no anything. I wrote him on kik no response. People are looking to kill her but she isn't loggin in to his page anymore. Fugitive squad has even came to the house when I was there to look for her. She's hiding but not answering anything until she found out what she started. She has even hit him plenty of times. she's on drugs bad and sold his stuff which caused her to go to prison for 6 months! now we think she sold his phone. I got copy of court documents just in case she burn them again. she broke in the house when he wouldn't open the door. She lost custody of all her kids. I just wanna make sure he's okay I'm concerned. I just wanna see if he ok


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  • By a gun and shoot her the next time you see her, only if you are in a state with the Stand Your Ground law

    • What state do you all even live in?

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    • Ok then your state has the Stand Your Ground law. Buy a gun or a taser

    • In 1966, the state of Florida responded to a string of sexual assaults by offering gun classes to women. Sexual assault rates dropped by 90%.

  • Well, he needs to kill her next time she breaks in.


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