Girls. Making the first move and asking the guy or or asking for his number?

So I want to be the first to go up to this shy guy and ask for his number. Do u girls want to share some experiences? Guys you are welcome too.


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  • Tread lightly if you do this. My experience in making the first move has never resulted in what I desired. A guy is usually happy to be hit on, you've taken the pressure off of him (understand they put a LOT of pressure into this first move... I don't know why).

    BUT, I suggest that once you've given him your number, you make him do most, if not all the work afterwards. It is in a male's DNA to be the hunter, the pursuer. By giving him your number, you've taken part of the hunt out of the picture. The reason they need to hunt is because in doing so they grow to appreciate what they've hunted for. If they don't hunt, then they take what they have for granted, and lose interest very quickly... within a month usually has been my experience. If you can give him your number but then make him work to really have you, then MAYBE you'll really get the guy.

    • Wow. I never really thought of it like this. You're right. I was thinking of asking him for his number then just saying "can i just give you mine." So we can meet in the middle. I approached him now he has to text me first. Does that sound alright?

    • I'd suggest just giving him your number and nothing else. If he's interested, he'll call. If not, he won't.
      And if he doesn't, then don't bother putting any more effort into him. Just move on. A guy is either interested, or he's not, period. There is no "winning him over". Courting, wooing, whatever you wanna call it... that works on women, not men.

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