How can I over come my anxiety after being blackmailed? Please Read its long?

Two years ago i was blackmailed but my female cousin she said she has my nudes and messages and claimed i had phone sex wiith other people, and said she is gonna show them to everybody i know. I havnt spoken to get since.

now yes i have done these things in the past its how i coped with being single cause my parent are majore control freaks. And i have talked to a lot of other people over Facebook and other sites and when my cousin had her mom call my mom, (she didn't mention my nudes or anyother business of mine) but her mother claimed i sweared at her daughter and my mom freaked and slapped me back and forth it was humilating and after That i was not okay i became underwieght and barley ate or slept and my anxiety runs so high all the acne flaires up on my face... im Just so scared all the time.
even though till today There isn't anything about me over the net or any rumor and yet im still scared to death, i no longer resemble my old self anymore i uses to be pretty and chubby but now im skinny and ugly... please help me..


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  • slapping you back and fourth is abuse afaik.
    eat and shit, and move out to a place where people won't know you, it'll probably be better for you but as everyone else says "you're 14 you don't know shit"


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