Summer is gone, people go out less... Do you tend to go on less dates in Winter? Do you look for a partner less in the bad weather if you're single?

I ask this because I know there are a lot of females that don't shave all Winter! Like they're going into dating hibernation mode! lol


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  • I personally like winter dates. Especially when there's snow on the ground.

    • Right on! My kinda Girl!! I want to take a girl Snowboarding in the Sierras. Then use our body heat on each other later!

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    • I'm excited for the season opening tomorrow! We really need a good year!
      off topic though anyways... do you still go on more dates in the summer though?

    • Not really, aside from when the carnivals are going on. I'm a college student and my town get a ton of tourism in the summer so I'm usually busy with work. Winter is more ideal because it's slow season and I get less hours as a result.

      And I agree! Bring on the snow!

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  • I am booed up this winter. During winter I especially like being in a relationship


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