Did I do the right thing?

So this girl I work with and I have a weird relationship. We are friends one minute enemies the next. She likes to put people on blast and I don't like that because I will call her on her shit. We Work on a project together and she is more trouble then help. We'll meet one week and she's having fun and laughing with me but she's always battling with me. I'll send her meeting invites because we need to work and she just decline them. I feel like she plays games or something. She likes to gang up on my with her boss and I don't appreciate it.

so I've recently decided enough is Enough. I've called her twice and she has t called me back. I messaged her and said we aren't on the same page and he agreed and she recommended we meet 1:1 every week. That was yesterday.

today I called a meeting with my boss and get boss and her and I. I kind of called her out on not communicating well and she was defensive and said she was under the impression we were meeting and staying in touch. My boss started to chime in. I could tell she was getting upset and she looked at me crazy like I was hurting her and that I had stabbed her in the back. I could tell she was probably hurt by this but she deserved it. She rolled with t and agreed with my boss.

Does she think we're friends? I am so confused by her it's incredible. What is up with her?


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  • seems like you're overattatched

    • How so?

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    • well, girls are a strange species.

    • TotLly

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