Question mostly for female GAGers who are redheads: Do Ginger/Redhead white girls like Mexican/Hispanic men?

As non-redhead Mexican guy, I have a thing for redheads. They have very unique hair color and out of all the group of caucasian women with different hair colors (Brown, Blonde, Brunnette, Black, etc), Redhead White/Caucasian women tend to have the curviest/thicket and sexiest body shape on average out of the rest of the other hair color groups of white women (based on the amount of redheads I've seen). If there is only one thing Non-redhead Mexicans and Redhead whites have in common, it's that we're often stereotyped to be short-tempered people who you do not want to test. I'll admit though, I actually do have a bad temper but it has little to do with my ethnicity and more to do with me always fighting with my father. There was one time where I punched a hole on a wall out of stress and anger.

I hope redhead white girls can handle that I tend to need personal space so I can let my anger out when I need to and not take it out on anyone. Now that I got my bad side out of the way, I'm also a soft-spoken and friendly guy who wants nothing more than giving a strong hug to a redhead and cuddle with her.
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  • . As Redheads are a minority and the fact that for instance my blue eyes and red hair are the rareist combination there is combined by the fact that to have a ginger or blonde child a father would have you have the ginger or blonde gene to combine with mine. So no because I don't want brown babies sorry.


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  • Who knows but you shouldn't put your hopes up on this poll


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  • I am a red head and I wouldn't care if the guy I liked was Mexican lol I don't pay attention to that stuff but it's not like it's my fetish to seek out only Mexican men wtf


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