Is it a bad idea to tell guys that im insecure in the start of dating?

so i want to date, gain experience and become more confidence when it comes to dating and guys.

But right now, im only one of those things, experience (ish), and i for every guy i meet i learn and get confirmed that i have a tendency to not show interest in guys i am interested in because a part of me doesn't like my personailty, and so i dont think that other people like me either (or i dont understand it when people do like me). I'll tell myself things like "they dont really like me, they just find me attractive and they only want to have sex with me".

So i kinda "doom" a possible realtionship from the start.. And i hate that i do it, but i have problems not doing it.

So i have considered telling guys in the beginning or from the start that i do like them, but my insecurities makes it difficult for me to proparly express it, and if they really do like me i have to ask them to be patiente with me.

Is this a weird thing to do or should i just keep it to myself?


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  • No, if it's bad insecurities then he'll be able to tell anyways


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  • I think not, I think you should keep it to yourself because when you start telling people the more they will think of it and realize certain aspects of you that is, and it may scare them away. Everyone has insecurities but very few let people know. We are our own WORST critics, so what you see or feel may not be how others will :)

    • i understand that people look for other things and like other things that i dont or dont. I know there are some guys out there that find me amazing, but still... i have problems expressing my interest in guys because of it. So the guys get tired of doing almost all the work, so they lose interest.. and that makes me feel even worse.. so i dont know what to do to be honest

    • MAYBE you also you haven't liked a guy enough to put them first? there's nothing wrong with that.

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