Repressed trauma?

i donr remember anythig but my mother abused us growing up she hated us and verbally, pshycally abused us. she would bully us, control us, hurt us, bite, yell, dismiss us, curse us, i hope you die, i will make your knees bleed, i will burn you, not make us dinner, she hated us growing up, it all changed after the age of 18 , she got schizofrenia and got pill, after that she was tolerable and treated us nicely, like she was scared to be alone. i m 23 and i still live with her, i. tried forgetting it, i repressed it cause i dont remember it anymore, but if i do i will hate her for life. i will never forgive myself for living with her, ever, i should have left, i didn't i was too childish and couldnt keep a job. how can i forgive myself


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  • Forgive yourself about what? You're young. You are only 23. You can still have a fresh start.

    • in 7 months i will be 24

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